We are a Sierra Leonean owned organization aiming to give traditional country cloth fabrics an international presence. By crafting raw fabrics into more accessible items such as purses, laptop bags and t-shirts, we hope to facilitate a greater appreciation for this beautiful craft as more and more people find uses for our products.


The overall aim is the revival for the culture and doing our part to stimulate the Sierra Leone economy which has been ravaged to the point of absolute poverty following the infamous 10 year war. We have also presented Country Cloth to many notable personalities who support traditional heritage of weaving in Sierra Leone. 

 Our source of fabrics Country Cloth Communities Development Initiative (known as CountryCloth.org)does great amounts of work to bring an increasing amount of commerce to the villages they work with in Bonthe and Kailahun. Previously local market sellers in the rural Kailahun district are now a source of competition for international fashion retailers. We share their goal of sustaining and reviving the lost tradition of weaving in Sierra Leone. 

We work with CountryCloth.org  as their exclusive retailer of accessories towards this vision. They are a Sierra Leone based NGO which does the majority of the ground work when it comes to working with communities. We do regular trips to direct the colour and looks of products and build out own relationship with our community partners. 

The Country Cloth Weaving project is a growing international project with a family based approach, welcoming anyone interesting in this particular dream to join our family and community through subscribing to our newsletter and buying our products!

The Team


Bahkai Wynter

Co- Founder

Sarah Walker